Practical hints

A country of attractive multiples, with a very particular and irresistible enchantment and, principally, so near to us. His imperial cities and villages spread by the desert of the Sahara, the beaches of the Atlantic and the mountains of the Atlas are only some of the motives that make us enslave in this country of immense and secular riches. It is the only experience to know this Kingdom, his people, cultures and traditions with which Portugal is so connected. So connected that when it was the earthquake of 1755 there were still repercussions of the same sismo in Rabat.

His dynasties of ambitious and fearless sultans did from him in a great empire of Africa of the north and his history is today centered in four Imperial Cities: Rabat, Meknès, Fez and Marrakech through his palaces, medinas, forts and mosques where the art Moorish-Hispanic dominates in the balanced and imposing form.

The Kingdom of Morocco is situated in the northwestern extreme of the African continent. It is a land of strong contrasts. It is limited to This one and to South by Algeria, to South by Mauritania, to West by the Atlantic Ocean and to North by the Mediterranean. It occupies a surface of 710 850 km2. The mountains of Morocco are the highest of the Magrebe: Djebel Toubkal reaches in the High Atlas 4165 m. The capital of the Kingdom is Rabat.


In travel of tourism Morocco the Portuguese citizens will take the Individual Passport with least validity of 3 months not being a necessary Visa. The traveler who is not a Portuguese citizen will have to inquire next to the Embassy of the target country after the conditions of entry. The juveniles (Portuguese citizens), when accompanied with the parents will carry out the same formalities of the adults when the passport demanded so equally, in case of Morocco. When they travel with adults who do not detain the paternal power, they will only be able to go out from the national territory with a written authorization, dated and signed by the one who practises the power paternal and recognized by the notary. In case of separate or divorced parents, there will always be the same type of authorization granted by the ancestor who does not travel.

Climate, Coin and Difference Horária

It differs from region for region. Mediterranean climate to the North, Atlantic to West and saariano to South. In a general way, the Summers are hot (seasoned in the coast and in the mountain), gentle Winters except in the mountain (snow in the Atlas).

Moroccan Dirham (MAD). It can take Euros and exchange in Morocco for the local coin or to stand up straightly in the automatic boxes.
1 MAD = 0.089 EUR / 1 EUR = 11.19 MAD (January 2013)

The same hour as Continental Portugal;

When It Will travel

It depends on the region that it visits and still on the purpose of his Travel. However, the Spring (of middles of March the June) and the Autumn (of middles of September to middles of November) they are the best options to travel given that the climate is more pleasant and the tourists’ flow is less than in the Summer.

For whom it likes travelling with elevated temperatures, the Summer is undoubtedly ideal since the thermometers reach high levels. In Marrakech, Fes, South-west of Morocco and in the Desert (here it reaches them 45ºC but the nights can be more fresh), the Summer is very hot and in Concerning, Rabat and Essaouira the temperatures are a little lower due to the breeze of the sea.

The Winter of November to February they are generally pleasant but the temperatures at night go down even to 10ºC, and in desert still more. The snow marks presence in the mountains of the High Atlas. This station in the northern coast of the country is normally rainier than in the south.

Health Coin and Useful Contacts

It is not necessary you vaccinate. In the pharmacies there are the same medicines than in Europe. But in areas of difficult access to the services of health the medicines are practically non-existent, therefore it has to always bring with you a small pharmacy with essential medicines.

The worn-out coin is the dirham. I change it that it is around 1 € = 11DH. In some hotels and in some cities it is possible to pay with credit card. There are banks and ATM in the cities.

• Embassy of Morocco in Lisbon
Collapse Loudly of the Duke, 21 – 1400 Lisbon – Tel (351) 213 020 842/66
• Embassy of Portugal in Morocco
5, collapses Thami Lamdouar, Soussi – Rabat – Tel (212) 7 75 64 46
• Tourism of Morocco in Lisbon
Street Artillery One, 79/85 – 1250 Lisbon | Tel 213 885 871