In Morocco the music is part of the daily life, it is a people with a lot of musicality. Nowadays traditional music coexists very closely with modern music. There are in almost all cities, at different times of the year, Music Festivals, among which the Gnaoua Music Festival in Essaouira, known as well as the Merzouga International Festival, among others.
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Music from Morocco and North Africa

Hindy Zahra
She is a singer-songwriter born in Morocco, settled in France since 1993. Her songs are mostly in English and French, but she also has some Berbere songs.

It is a group of Tuareg musicians from the Sahara desert region of northern Mali. The band was formed in 1979 in Tamanrasset (Algeria), but returned to Mali after a ceasefire in the 1990s.

It is a relatively recent Amazigh (Berber) music group founded with the aim of fighting for the freedom and dignity of the Berber people and against the injustice and indifference that exists in this people. (under construction) (Biography)
From Agadez, Niger, Omara ‘Bombino’ Moctar. He was born and raised in a nomadic Tuareg community, and the warrior and revolutionary spirit of his people drew him the personality and the way he expressed himself as a musician.
In the music of Bombino, the flavors of his culture are never renegade, and come merged with explosive riffs reminiscent of the sound of names like Jimi Hendrix or Neil Young.


Malika Zarra

She is a Moroccan singer, songwriter and producer. She is a multicultural metamorphosis, a ‘sorceress’ who easily jumps between languages ​​and traditions that seem to be disconnected, uniting and enriching them.


It is a musical group from Mali, formed by Tuaregues, founded in 2006. They mix elements of traditional African music with western rock and pop, with lyrics sung in Tamashek. The main composer and leader of the band is Ousmane Ag Mossa. His music is characterized by electric guitars, youyous, bass, drums, djembe and other percussion instruments.

Saghru Band

It is a music group from Mellab, a Berber village, in the province of Errachidia in southeastern Morocco. The group became known in 2006 with its catchy rhythms. They combine current but also personal political issues. The main theme remains the evocation of the Amazigh (Berber) condition.
Vieux Farka Touré

Mali singer and guitarist, was born in Bamako. Its musical genre is defined as ‘Desert Blues’ (Desert Blues). He is one of the most celebrated African guitarists in history.

Main Music Festivals in Morocco

Merzouga International Festival:

Mawazine Festival (Rabat):


Timitar Festival (Agadir): fref=ts

Essaouira Gnaoua Festival:

Sun Festival Marrakech:

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Taragalte Festival Under the Stars (M’Hamid)

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Music Gnaoua – Kahmlia

Official Video – Merzouga International Festival 2015

Music video of the ‘U2’ – Filmed in Morocco (FES)

Music Events

4th Edition Merzouga International Festival – 7, 8, 9 and 10 April 2016

19th Edition – May 12 to 15, 2016 ‘Festival D’Essaouira Maroc – Gnaoua’
‘Taragalte Festival – Under the Stars’, 28-30 October 2016 – M’Hamid, El Ghizlane, Zagora, South of Morocco

Participation of Tinariwen and OUM Taragalte
5th Edition International Merzouga Festival – April 13, 14, 15 and 16, 2017