Moroccan gastronomy

The Moroccan Gastronomy is very varied and she presents very exotic tastes checked by the use of the spices (cinnamon, cominhos, ginger, sesame, saffron and black pepper, healthy you punish some of the examples), vegetables and dry results.

The Harira, the tajines, the couscous, the pastilla are typical Moroccan plates, which it must not stop trying when it visits the country. In the cities near the coast, also there is good fish and I catch.
In Morocco the meals are accompanied very often, for the Moroccan tea (tea of mint).


Moroccan Tea

There are many centuries that the tea of mint makes part of the culture and Moroccan way of life. Served hot, lukewarm or cold, the tea of mint is still a symbol of hospitality. The Moroccan Tea, can be drunk before, then or during the meal.

Since it will prepare: Boil a little more of water of what necessary that one to do a teapot of tea; as soon as the water was boiled, lay a little in the teapot of tea, agitating it carefully in the form to heat the teapot with the boiled water. Throw the water away.
Put, inside the teapot, 3 spoons of green loose tea, 10 raminhos of fresh mint and 3 tablespoons of sugar.

Moroccan breakfast

It usually consists of different types of bread with compote, honey, cheese and butter. Also baghir includes a pancake done from called semolina, very tasty and accompanying yoghurt, juice of orange, tea, coffee with cream. Cooked eggs, olives and oil, also they are common ingredients in the Moroccan breakfast.